Hi-Vis Technology & Equipment

Hi-Vis is home to the most technologically advanced digital printing and cutting equipment in the Southern Hemisphere.
As a signage business you will understand the amount of digital horsepower these machines possess.

You now have access to this specialised equipment to improve your bottom line and gain access to more specialised and larger volume work.

Just check these out!

Designer's Dream Machine!

The VUTEK GS3200 will extend marketing and signage capabilities by offering a wider range of applications - from exhibition graphics, fine art, photographic reproduction and point-of-purchase displays to signage, oversized banners, posters and commercial graphics. The only limit? Your imagination!

  • Print 3200mm side in one piece - less joins & seams
  • Print speeds up to 223sq metre per hour
  • Variable drop size technology means superior quality
  • Double sided print on clear - translucent or opaque - 3 layers in 1 pass
  • 10 colour CMYK print
  • White Ink Technology - 1 of only 3 printers in Australia capable of white ink printing
  • Print on almost any surface or substrate up to 50mm thick
  • Photorealistic image quality - up to 1000 dpi
  • 3M MCS Warranty with 3M inks
  • Print any colour on reflective with our PerfectColour™ system


Roll to roll reflective printer

The Durst Rho 161 TS is a "large format" 62-in. roll-to-roll UV-curable inkjet printer designed to print long-lasting traffic signs, for manufacturers of traffic signs.

  • Direct Digital UV Inkjet-Printing System for producing long lasting highway traffic signs & general traffic signs
  • Printer designed for printing onto 3M High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting HIP 3930, 3M Diamond Grade
  • Cubed Sheeting DG3 4090 and 3M Engineer Grade Sheeting 3290I media types
  • Meeting the European Traffic standards, 3M CRYK inks are specifically developed to match the traffic sign color boxes.
  • 12 year 3M MCS warranty (durability, reflectivity, traffic colors) are provided when using 3M UV Ink Series 8800
  • Excellent print quality with a resolutuion of 400/600 dpi (addressable)
  • High output speed – up to 65 m2/hr (700 sq ft/hr) in 2 Pass Mode at 400 dpi
  • Maximum printing width 15.5 cm (62 in.)
  • Maximum printing length – limited by the roll length

Digital cutting dynamo

  • Digital cutting and routing
  • Automation of all cutting/trimming functions
  • Cuts materials up to 50 mm/2" thickness
  • Heavy-duty construction and superb accuracy 

NEW IN 2014!

To work with the RASBENDER - metal bending and folding machine - we have KUKA Robots!